Hi! I'm Ashley - a professional photographer, wife, mom of boys and a social influencer. I've been in the photography industry over a decade and decided to change things up a bit and take a new stride in the direction of sharing more of my everyday life. A Photo by Ashley is now a place where I can easily share more than just professional photos. You'll learn I'm very giving, I'm opinionated, I'm an introvert believe it or not. I stink at writing (I write like I talk) so, if you're here to correct my grammar, you may want to head to another blog. I'm all in and sometimes I'm all over the place, I love hard, I'm pretty laid back, very sarcastic, coffee addict, creative, free spirited, open-minded and I just want to live and experience what I can, where I'm at, with what I have. We live in what I call a big small town in North Carolina, at the end of a cul-de-sac - within city limits. This is where #culdesacfarmstead developed. Although we live on a small piece of property I took my skills and knowledge passed down to me and I have learned over the years I CAN grow and produce here. I love to share my experiences with others. I can now share my simple lifestyle in ways that we all can relate to, from the roots of our ancestors, parents, grandparents and older generation friends. Wannabe farmsteader, photography, family, backyard chickens, homegrown, homemade, handmade, audible books, podcasts, pinterest junkie, traveling, exploring, trying new things, natural products, or simply WHATEVER works for ME -- is here. I'll be honest, I don't like to cook, but I'm learning to be patient with it and it's actually not that bad. This is "my way" of doing life. I'm just sharing with you my roots along with my other adventures in my every day life through photos... personal blog posts 99% iPhone.

North Carolina Award Winning Photographer, Boy Mom, MONAT Market Partner, Camera Strap Designer and Wannabe Farmsteader